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CCCP Escape Rooms: Execution Chamber

Lootsi 8, Tallinn, Harju maakond

The question isn´t if you´re guilty or not. You have already been sentenced to death. And while the actual criminal is enjoying freedom, you will go one-by- one to an electric chair. While being prisoned by the evilest ones, you have to give the electric shock to your own people.

CCCP Escape Rooms: Mission: Cuban Crisis

Lootsi 8, Tallinn

At 1962, at the end of October, everybody in the world held their breath. This was the time of Cuban crisis. It was one of the most dangerous events of the war. In those days, the president of USA John F Kennedy and the leader of Soviet Union Nikita Hruštšov tried to accomplish a compromise so the humankind would be saved and the nuclear war would be avoided.

CCCP Escape Rooms: Firefighters escape room, Pärnu

Papiniidu 50, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond

CCCP Escape rooms and firefighters have created probably the best escape room as a result of a 6 months work. In this escape room, players have to avoid bombs (Yes, the real ones, the ones firefighters have actually found). Escapers can experience, what it´s like to do smoke-diving while the ceiling is falling, you have to stock supplies and make the area around you secure.

CCCP Escape Rooms: Medical Experiment

Kuninga 28, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond

SOVIET LOOKING OLD HOSPITAL, WHAT HAS BECOME AN BAR, SEEMINGLY A FRIENDLY BARMAN AND UNSUDDEN LOST OF CONSCIOUS. WAKING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF AN MEDICAL EXPERIMENT, THERE IS ONLY ONE OPTION – ESCAPE! A Soviet looking hospital has become a pretty cosy bar. Even the barman looks nice and friendly. Because of an interesting menu, your friends are opened for a drink.

CCCP Escape Rooms: Pärnu Prison

Sillutise 1, Pärnu

We’ve created the biggest escape rooms complex in Northen and Eastern Europe at an actual prison in Pärnu. You can’t find an escape room which would be filled with so many puzzles from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania. The complex is meant for up to 24 people. If your friends don’t have enough courage to play, then you can get a 1 person ticket.

CCCP Escape Rooms: KGB Cells

Papiniidu 50, Pärnu

You’re passing by a KGB’s hideout and become a witness of city official’s murder. The author of the murder is a KGB’s spy. For obvious reasons he can’t let you go, because it would be too dangerous. Spy decides to take you as a hostage and locks you into KGB cells. Meanwhile you’re locked, spy has to deal with the city official’s dead body.

CCCP Escape Rooms: Examination Room

Papiniidu 50, Pärnu

SHADY EXAMINATION ROOMS, SOLDIERS WHO WILL BE BACK SOON AND 60 MINUTES TO ESCAPE. ARE YOU CAPABLE TO ESCAPE? It’s year 1941 and you’re having a tourist trip in Estonia. Unfortunately, Estonia is about to lose control over the country, because Soviet union’s invasion. By coincidence, you’re passing by KGB’s hideout.
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